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Welcome to Delgado Apartments.

These apartments are situated in the heart of the Renaissance Ubeda, are equipped with the best amenities for a well deserved rest. Going through the doors of our apartments may begin to enjoy the historic charm of Ubeda and only 8 km from Baeza is another jewel of the Renaissance.

In front of our apartments is the Synagogue of Water, this space is presented as "a magical place, a unique discovery and time travel." And it's no wonder. It is several spaces and rooms linked by corridors and located at different heights on the structure of a building. When work began to enable different apartments, knowledge of the existence of a number of canteens be had, but it was suspected that there might be much to discover what was believed to be an ancient Jewish synagogue.

We also found near the Sierra de Cazorla one of the largest natural park in Europe, where you can enjoy the wonders that houses this in your environment.